Apple Headquarters Address – Apple is the leading electronic companies in the world which has made a great name of itself over the past decade. The company is mostly known for manufacturing iphones and later on the introduction of ipads. iTunes is the application which is mostly known as an apple exclusive software which provides its users with exclusive music, television and movie software. iTunes even provides its users with free podcasts and online education over the past years.

The founder of Apple was Steve Jobs. He was the leading officer at Apple and the company was founded in the year of 1976. Its headquarters is located in Cupertino, California.

Apple HQ info

The headquarters and corporate office for Apple is located in Cupertino, California. All of the Apple devices comes with a preprogrammed Cupertino location services which is available on some applications such as weather.

Apple Headquarter

Apple headquarters address: Apple is fully transparent when it comes to providing its contact information and location. If you want to write any mail to the Apple HQ then you can take the following address as reference.

Apple Headquarters One Apple Park Way Cupertino, CA 95014

Apple corporate headquarters phone number: To reach an executive at the Apple HQ you can dial 1-408-996-1010. The company store is operable from 10 am to 5:30 pm from Monday to Friday. The corporate office should be open within this preferred time.

Apple HQ email: There is no official email for contacting the Apple headquarters. However, there are various feedback forms that might help you to find solution to your problem. You can also contact someone from the corporate office by email the Media Help department.

The email address is as follow:

Apple HQ website: There is no official website for the Apple headquarters. However, there is an investor relations page available which offers various detailed information and news based on the company.

Apple Headquarters Executive Team

The Apple HQ is run by a team of executives and a board of directors.


  • Tim Cook – CEO
  • Katherine Adams – Senior Vice President and General Counsel
  • Eddy Cue – Senior Vice President Internet Software and Services
  • Craig Federighi – Senior Vice President Software Engineering
  • John Giannandrea – Senior Vice President Machine Learning and AI Strategy
  • Sabih Khan – Senior Vice President Operations
  • Luca Maestri – Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Deirdre O’Brien – Senior Vice President Retail + People
  • Dan Riccio – Senior Vice President Hardware Engineering
  • Philip W. Schiller – Senior Vice President Worldwide Marketing
  • Johny Srouji – Senior Vice President Hardware Technologies
  • Jeff Williams – Chief Operating Officer
  • Lisa Jackson – Vice President Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives
  • Isabel Ge Mahe – Vice President and Managing Director of Greater China
  • Tor Myhren – Vice President Marketing Communications
  • Adrian Perica – Vice President Corporate Development

Board of Directors

  • Arthur D. Levinson, Ph.D.
  • James A. Bell
  • Tim Cook
  • Albert Gore Jr.
  • Andrea Jung
  • Ronald D. Sugar, Ph.D.
  • Susan L. Wagner


Apple is known to be the company’s brand but there are various exclusive products which are sold by Apple itself such as the iphone or the ipad. iTunes is another software which is Apple exclusive.

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Q.1 : What is the operable time for Apple HQ?

Ans : The Apple Stores are operable from 10 am to 5:30 pm. This is presumably the time where the headquarters and corporate office remain open.

Q.2 : Who is the current CEO of Apple?

Ans : Tim Cook is the current CEO of Apple.