Dell Headquarters Address – Dell is a company which was established by a young and bright college student at the age of 19. He invested $1000 and had a vision on how computer and technological equipment should be manufactured and sold.

The student’s name was Michael Dell who has such a long term vision and was about the change the era of computers. The company was first named as PC’s limited but the name was eventually changed to Dell. It was named after the founder of the company Michael Dell. Today, Dell computers are used worldwide and has a profound efficiency throughout the world.

Dell HQ Info

On the contact page for the Dell headquarters, a contact information was provided. You can contact the corporate office via phone, fax or mail. There is the availability of a media contact which is used for email communication but the emails are not directly delivered to the corporate office or customer service.

Dell headquarters address: If you want to write a mail to the Dell HQ, here is the address which you can send it to.

Dell Inc. 1 Dell Way, Round Rock, TX 78682

Dell HQ phone number: You can contact the Dell corporate office at 1-800-289-3355 or 1-512-338-4400. The provided government contact numbers are 1-888-375-9857 and 1-866-931-3355.

Dell Headquarters Information

Dell HQ email address: There wasn’t any direct email address provided for the corporate office. Live chat and customer service wouldn’t be of much assistance since Dell HQ are outsourced to various other countries.

Dell HQ website: If you are planning to purchase Dell computers then you can visit their company website. There you will find relevant information about the corporate side of the business. Dell HQ offers its readers the company history on the Heritage page and complete company information on the Company Information Page.

Dell HQ executive team

The executive team for the Dell corporate office consists of a team of leadership and a board of directors.

  • Michael Dell – Chairman & CEO
  • Jeff Clarke – Chief Operating Officer and Vice Chairman, Dell Technologies
  • Mike Cote – Chief Executive Officer, Secureworks
  • Allison Dew – Chief Marketing Officer
  • Howard Elias – President, Services and Digital
  • Pat Gelsinger – CEO, VMware
  • Steve Price – Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Karen Quintos – EVP & Chief Customer Officer
  • Rory Read – Chief Operating Executive, President, Virtustream
  • Rich Rothberg – General Counsel
  • Bill Scannell – President, Global Sales & Customer Operations
  • Tom Sweet – Chief Financial Officer

Board of Directors

  • Michael S. Dell – Chairman of the Board
  • David Dorman
  • Egon Durban
  • Bill Green
  • Ellen Kullman
  • Simon Patterson
  • Lynn Vojvodich


Dell does not offer individual brands manufacturing or controlled by the company. However, from their official website you can purchase various products from Samsung, Adobe, Canon, Logitech, Netgear, Samsung, Sharp and Skullcandy – amongst various other brands.

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Q.1 : Who is the current CEO and chairman of Dell?

Ans : The current CEO and chairman of Dell is Michael Dell.

Q.2 : Is there any provided email address for the Dell corporate office?

Ans : No, there is no provided email address for the Dell corporate office.