Page Plus Headquarters Information

Page Plus Headquarters – Page Plus is a cellular phone company which work with Verizon network and is operated by TracFone Wireless Inc.

Page Plus does not spend money to upkeep their mobile phone network therefore their cost of plans is much lower than that of Verizon. The Page Plus HQ was opened for business back in 1993 as a simple pager provider.

As the mobile phone market changed, so did Page Plus brought some improvements likewise. The name of the company was changed from Page Plus communications to Page Plus Cellular when the company focused greatly upon their wireless phone services rather than pager services. TracFone acquired Page Plus back in 2013.

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Page Plus Headquarters Information

Page Plus Headquarters Info

The Page Plus HQ is located within TracFone HQ since it is managed and operated by TracFone. The company headquarters for both the companies is located in Florida.

Page Plus headquarters physical address: If you want to write to the Page Plus Headquarters then refer to the following address.

Page Plus Cellular Headquarters c/o TracFone 9700 N.W. 112th Ave. Miami, FL 33178

Page Plus HQ phone number: There was a single phone number available to reach out to the Page Plus corporate office. To get in touch with them call 1-800-550-2436. This phone number is also available with the customer service department. There is also a second phone number to get in touch with the Page Plus headquarters, that is, 1-419-382-8603. If you want to send a fax to their corporate office you can fax them at 1-419-865-8053.

Page Plus headquarters email address: There is no availability of a direct email to get in touch with the Page Plus HQ. However, there is an email address available for complaints. You can send your email directly over to the complaints department at Page Plus.

Page Plus Cellular Complaints Department email address:

Page Plus HQ official website: There is only one website available for the Page Plus HQ that is the official website for Page Plus.

Page Plus Headquarters Executive Team

There is an executive team which currently operates the Page Plus headquarters.

Eduardo Diaz Corona – President and Chief Executive Officer
Jay Smith – CIO, TracFone Wireless
Sergio Rivera – VP Product Engineering
Kelvin Cui – Vice President of Finance
John Salyers – SVP, Sales
Richard Salzman – Executive Vice President and General Counsel

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Page Plus does not collaborate with any brands. However, they do work with various other cellular phone manufacturers such as Kyocera and Huawei.

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Page Plus Headquarters Information

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Q.1 How to get in contact with the Page Plus HQ via phone?

Ans: To get in touch with Page Plus headquarters, call 1-800-550-2436 or 1-419-382-8603.

Q.2 Who is the current CEO of the company?

Ans: Eduardo Diaz Corona is the current President and Chief Executive Officer of the company.