Old Navy Headquarters – Old Navy is a popular clothing and accessories brand which is currently owned and operated by Gap Inc. All of the contact information are operated directly through Gap Inc. rather than being processed through Old Navy. There are various other companies which are currently associated with Gap Inc. such as Banana Republic and Athleta. Each of these retail company has their official website but the contact information for the corporate offices remains the same.

Old Navy Headquarters Info

There is a phone number and mailing address available for Gap Inc. This is the old home for Old Navy HQ. You can contact the corporate offices via mail or phone but the email contacts for the corporate officials are for Gap Inc. and Old Navy individually.

Old Navy Headquarters Information

Old Navy Corporate Office Address: You can write your mails to the Old Navy headquarters. You could also address your letter to the specific department in Old Navy so that it gets delivered to the right place. You can also write in the attention line for the specific individual from the company with whom you are trying to get in contact with. Make sure that you include your contact information, including your mailing address, phone number and email address, in your letter.

Old Navy Headquarters 2 Folsom St. San Francisco, CA 94105

Other Gap Inc HQ locations are:

55 Thomas St. New York, New York, 10013
675 Avenue of the Americas New York, New York, 10011

Old Navy HQ contact number: To get in touch with Gap Inc HQ you can try contacting 1-650-952-4400, 1-800-333-7899, or 1-212-206-4200. Old Navy is currently operated by Gap Inc. If you want to reach out to some specific person in the executive team you can make a request to transfer your call.

Old Navy Email address: There are various contact email for Gap Inc and Old Navy customer service. However there are no contact forms or email addresses available for the executive members at the Old Navy corporate office. You can however request your mail to be forwarded to the specific individual.

Old Navy HQ website: The Old Navy official website provides information to the retail sales and operations. The website for Gap Inc. offers contact info for the corporate office.

Old Navy Headquarters Executive Team

There is a leadership team and board of directors working at Gap, Inc. and Old Navy headquarters.

Leadership Team

  • Sonia Syngal – Chief Executive Officer, Gap Inc.
  • Katrina O’Connell – Chief Financial Officer, Gap Inc.
  • Mark Breitbard – Head of Gap Inc. Specialty Brands, Franchise and Asia Pacific
  • Nancy Green – Head of Old Navy (Interim)
  • Mary Beth Laughton – Head of Athleta and Hill City
  • Shawn Curran – Head of Operations, Gap Inc.
  • Julie Gruber – Head of Legal and Compliance, Gap Inc.
  • Sally Gilligan – Head of Information and Strategy, Gap Inc.
  • John Strain – Head of e-Commerce and Technology, Gap Inc.
  • Sheila Peters – Head of People & Culture, Gap Inc.

Board of Directors

  • Bob L. Martin
  • Sonia Syngal
  • Amy Bohutinsky
  • John Fisher
  • Robert J. Fisher
  • William S. Fisher
  • Tracy Gardner
  • Bella Goren
  • Amy Miles
  • Jorge P. Montoya
  • Chris O’Neill
  • Lexi Reese
  • Mayo A. Shattuck III
  • Elizabeth Smith
  • Doris F. Fisher


Old Navy is a brand of Gap Inc. There are various other brands which are associated with Gap Inc. such as Banana Republic, Athleta, Intermix, Hill City, and Janie and Jack.

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What is the contact number for Old Navy HQ?

The contact numbers for Old Navy HQ are 1-650-952-4400, 1-800-333-7899, and 1-212-206-4200.

Who is the current CEO of Old Navy?

Sonia Syngal is the current CEO of Old Navy.