Nike Headquarters Information – Nike is a popular brand which specialises in the manufacture of shoes and athletic apparel. There are two brands which are currently owned by Nike.

These are Converse and Hurley. Initially Nike did not have any logo or the Nike brand. The company was started off in the year of 1960 with only an initial investment of $500 by Bill Bowerman. He wanted to offer running shoes to the consumers which offered a great amount of comfort however none of the bigger companies at that time saw the potential in his designs.

Nike Headquarters Info

The current Nike HQ is located in Beaverton, Oregon. There is also an international Nike headquarters available in The Netherlands. This headquarters is the hub for various Nike products and brands which includes Jordan products. A lot of information on Nike HQ and the availability of its products are there in the FAQs page.

Nike Headquarters Information

Nike corporate office address: If you want to write a letter to the Nike HQ then you have three options. Either you can send in your letter to the US headquarters, Europe headquarters, or China headquarters.

Nike Headquarters One Bowerman Dr. Beaverton, OR 97005
Nike Headquarters International Colosseum 1 1213 NL Hilversum The Netherlands
Nike Greater China Headquarters No. 99, Jiangwancheng Road Yangpu District Shanghai 200438

Nike HQ phone number: If you want to reach out to the Nike headquarters via phone call then make sure that you do so between 7:30 am and 5:30 pm at 1-503-671-645, from Monday to Friday. The offices remain closed on weekends. The contact number for the European headquarters is +31-35-6266453. You can also contact Nike Greater China Headquarters at +86-21-52882828.

Nike HQ email address: There is no availability of corporate email but you can contact the corporate office via twitter. You can also contact Nike HQ through Live Chat available on the Contact Us page of their official website.

Nike HQ website: The corporate website for the company provides info on the Nike headquarters. There you will find the history, present as well as the future of the company. You can also find various contact information for the corporate office, consumer affairs and media all from the corporate website.

Nike Headquarters Executive Team

The current HQ of Nike is operated by a team of corporate officers and a board of directors.

Corporate Officers

  • Philip H. Knight – Chairman Emeritus
  • Mark Parker – Executive Chairman
  • John Donahoe – President and CEO
  • Andy Campion – Chief Operating Officer
  • Matthew Friend – EVP, Chief Financial Officer
  • Hilary Krane – EVP, Chief Administrative Officer & General Counsel
  • Monique Matheson – EVP, Global Human Resources
  • John Slusher – EVP, Global Sports Marketing
  • Michael Spillane – President of Categories and Product
  • Ann Miller – VP, Corporate Secretary and Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer
  • Chris Abston – VP, Corporate Controller

Board of Directors

  • Philip H. Knight
  • Mark G. Parker
  • John J. Donahoe II
  • Cathleen Benko
  • Elizabeth J. Comstock
  • John G. Connors
  • Timothy D. Cook
  • Thasunda B. Duckett
  • Alan B. Graf, Jr.
  • Peter B. Henry
  • Travis A. Knight
  • Michelle A. Peluso
  • John W. Rogers, Jr.
  • John R. Thompson, Jr


Nike is currently associated with Jordan and Converse. Each of these brands has their own identity in the online world. However, the current owner of each of these companies remains the same.

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What is the contact number for the Nike HQ China branch?

You can contact Nike Greater China Headquarters at +86-21-52882828.

Who is the current CEO of Nike?

John Donahoe is the current CEO of Nike.