Kroger Headquarters Address – Kroger is one of the popular retail franchising unit which provides various online shopping options for people living in the United States of America. Kroger stock is listed on New York Stock Exchange, USA and it has its headquarters located in Cincinnati, United States of America.

Since January 2014, the leading CEO of the company is Rodney McMullen.

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Kroger Headquarters Info

The headquarters of Kroger is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The company has some of contact information on their website however these contact information pose much as customer service rather than a direct line to the Kroger corporate office.

Kroger Headquarters Information

Kroger Corporate Office Address: If you want to write to Kroger then the following address will ensure that your mail is delivered right to their headquarters.

The Kroger Co. Headquarters 1014 Vine St. Cincinnati, OH 45202

Kroger Corporate Office Phone Number: To talk to someone at the Kroger HQ you need to redirect your call through the corporate switchboard. The operator on the switchboard will ask you where you would like to direct your call. If you are not sure about the correct department, you can explain your issue to the operator and he or she will direct your call accordingly. Place a call at 1-513-762-4000 to reach their corporate switchboard. If you have any query about investor relations or shareholder service you can place a call at 1-513-762-1220.

Kroger Corporate Office Email: There is a contact form available on the company’s official webpage. When you are writing the email, you need to explain in the body of the message that you are trying to reach the Kroger corporate office rather than the customer service.

Kroger Corporate Office Website: There are different websites available for the Kroger headquarters. It is different from their retail website. In the official website, you can easily find out about the company’s history, sustainable projects and much more.

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Kroger Headquarters Executive Team

Here you will find out about some information about the executive team and the board of directors for the company.

Senior Management / Executive Team

  • Mary Ellen Adcock – Senior Vice President
  • Stuart W. Aitken – Senior Vice President, Alternative Business
  • Robert W. Clark – Senior Vice President of Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and Sourcing
  • Yael Cosset – Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
  • Michael J. Donnelly – Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Joseph A. Grieshaber Jr. – Senior Vice President
  • Calvin J. Kaufman – Senior Vice President
  • Timothy A. Massa – Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Labor Relations
  • Stephen M. McKinney – Senior Vice President
  • W. Rodney McMullen – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • Gary Millerchip – Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Erin S. Sharp – Group Vice President, Manufacturing
  • Mark C. Tuffin – Senior Vice President
  • Christine S. Wheatley – Group Vice President, Secretary, and General Counsel

Board of Directors

  • Nora A. Aufreiter
  • Anne T. Gates
  • Karen M. Hoguet
  • Susan J. Kropf
  • Jorge P. Montoya
  • Clyde R. Moore
  • James A. Runde
  • Ronald L. Sargent
  • Bobby S. Shackouls
  • Mark S. Sutton
  • Ashok Vemuri


Kroger is one of the best and leading grocery store retail units in the United States. The company sells deli, grocery, health, beauty and various other grocery products. Some of the other companies which are associated with Kroger are Dillons, FredMeyer, Harris Teeter, Frys, Ralphs and Smiths.

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Q.1 : Are there any special hours for senior citizens in this Covid pandemic?

Ans : Yes, the operating hours for senior citizens over the age of 60 is from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Q.2 : Why did the usual store hours change?

Ans : The modified store hours allows the associates to clean and restock shelves respectively.