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Where is the Keiser University Corporate Office

Keiser University is one of the leading private university systems in the United States, providing a wide range of educational opportunities for individuals to earn their degree. With seven physical locations, it’s important to know where the Keiser University Corporate Office is located.

The Keiser University main corporate office is located in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The main headquarters is responsible for all operations throughout the university system and makes many of the final decisions regarding course offerings, tuition pricing, and financial aid distribution.

If there are any questions or concerns related to any Keiser University location, including programs offered or financial aid information given out, then these issues should be directed at the Corporate Office. This includes sending feedback or inquiries about courses that have already been completed or experiences while on campus. Additionally, if there are problems related to online courses then contacting this office is recommended as well.

The best way to contact the Corporate Office involves several methods depending on what the inquiry is about: email address for general information and inquiries about classes can be sent directly to; any concerns related to library materials should be addressed by calling 1-800-940-4133; for general questions about admissions requirements then direct all inquiries to 1-888-356-6937; mailing information should be sent via US Postal Service at 5600 Lake Underhill Rd., Suite 300 – ORL32919; and lastly visiting their website provides a number of useful contacts


Keiser University Staff Directory

Keiser University Corporate Office is the main headquarters of the private, non-profit university located in Florida, USA. The primary purpose of the corporate office is to provide administrative and operational support for all of the university’s educational and academic activities. This includes everything from the recruitment of faculty, staff and students, to financial planning and budgeting for each academic year.

The Keiser University Staff Directory lists all current staff members along with contact information, position title, department and campus location. The staff directory also provides a complete roster of advisors and mentors who guide students along their chosen career path. Additionally, more senior staff members may be included in the directory if they have played an influential role in setting up new university initiatives or policy changes.

If you are looking to reach out to someone at Keiser University for any reason or with any query or comment, please use this page as your portal for finding the right person for your specific needs.


Keiser University Registrar Office

The Keiser University Registrar Office is responsible for managing registration-related activities, including admission and registration, grades, transfers of credits, degree audits and graduation. The office serves as the official record keeper for all degree-seeking students enrolled at Keiser University. It is also the primary source of institutional data used in determining academic standings and eligibility for awards.

The Registrar Office provides customer service support to prospective students and their families in the areas of admission processing; program selection; evaluation of prior learning; enrollment verification; special programs management (cooperative education, dual enrollment/concurrent enrollment); college catalogue maintenance; major declaration processed by academic advisors; maintaining transfer equivalencies (military and other colleges); processing student course drop/add requests and withdrawals;; maintain academic records; provide degree verifications.; course scheduling on behalf of departments; maintain student data base system which encompasses census reports.

In addition to these critical services, the office also implements policies for grievances related to grades or transcripts which may include grade appeals process. The registrar will act as a facilitator in advising students on any applicable credits from other higher education institutions that can be applied toward a degree offered at Keiser University. Finally, the office assists with identifying information related to educational plans such as placement testing for incoming freshman, visa / financial aid application requirements., transcript evaluations and such that enable proper direction of prospective students.


Keiser University Phone Number

Keiser University is a private university based throughout Florida with campuses stretching from Pensacola to Miami. The university offers a wide range of degree programs that lead to associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate and doctor of philosophy (PhD) qualifications. Keiser also provides certification in many areas from medical assistant certification to hotel and hospitality management certificate programs.

The Corporate Office for Keiser University is in Fort Lauderdale and can be contacted by phone at 954-718-6100 or you can find the switchboard for the various campuses on their website. If you’re looking for the main email address it is However, each campus has its own email address as well which can be found on the individual campuses page of their website.

The best way to contact Keiser University would be via their main switchboard as they will be able to direct you towards the correct location whether that would be an admissions center or an academic department depending on your query.


Keiser University Email Address

Keiser University provides its students, faculty, and staff with a variety of methods to contact the school. An email address can be used to ask academic/administrative/Advising or other questions ranging from admissions and finance questions to program offerings.

To contact Keiser directly, email This generic contact information is provided for general inquiries only and will not provide assistance for direct enrollment inquiries, program details or admissions related questions; those should be addressed to individual colleges campuses in your local area. Additionally, you may use this address for password reset/account lockout/Tech help requests that require further information before being handled.

The Keiser University General Questions e-mail address is also the most direct way of addressing any issues with student accounts. Responses may take up to 1-3 business days post submission and are answered by Keiser University’s Service Desk Management team exclusively in English (though other language options are available). Response time is subject to situation complexity as well as workloads at any given time. If an answer cannot be provided immediately an acknowledgement of receipt of your inquiry will be sent along with guidelines regarding a resolution timeline that can be expected upon receipt of all required information or provider response time frame needed prior to resolution being made available or completed.,


Keiser University President

Keiser University is a private, not-for-profit university founded in 1977 by Arthur Keiser and Belinda Keiser. The University includes 15 campuses in Florida and online options throughout the United States of America. The current President of Keiser University is Dr. Everette B. Jennings. Dr. Jennings has experience at both Northwood University and Johnson & Wales University creating innovative academic programs and strategies to move universities forward into the future.

Dr. Jennings brings a wealth of knowledge to the table with his background in research, technology, law, education and faculty development to help build upon the success of Keiser University’s mission of providing quality degrees with affordable tuition costs for all students, regardless of circumstance or financial hardship. Since taking on this role as President, Dr Jennings has been focused on modernizing processes across the organization to ensure that all stakeholders benefit from improvements in efficiency and effectiveness in support for student success outcomes as well as teaching excellence within the classroom setting.

Dr Jennings continuously works closely with faculty, staff, students and external partners to develop strategies for operational and academic growth as well as success within the local community through compassionate service work and advancing human potential together through quality educational experiences including leadership development opportunities that are presented throughout each academic year at Keiser University campus locations across Florida and through digital learning options to students located anywhere around the globe who are interested in continuing or furthering their own professional credentials with an accredited institution offering competency-performance based learning models making sure everyone has an opportunity to achieve goals regardless of geography or other factors like social status or physical limitations that can affect career paths or further education pursuits on any level if given access to them call 888-KEISERU toll-free today!



Keiser University is a higher education institution that was founded in 1977 with the mission of providing quality educational programs at many campus locations throughout the state of Florida. The university offers more than 100 academic degree and certificate programs designed to prepare students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in their chosen fields. The university also boasts an impressive corporate office and headquarters that handles all aspects of support, operations, student services and technology at the institution. Contact information for Keiser University’s corporate offices can be found on their website, which includes contact details, email address, and other helpful information related to Keiser University and their affiliates.

Along with its main offices, Keiser University also has strategic partnerships with other organizations both within Florida as well as throughout the nation. These partnerships provide students access to additional resources and programs along with the opportunity for field placements and internships. With such wide-reaching opportunities available to Keiser’s students, it’s no surprise that many students choose to make Keiser University their destination of choice for higher education in Florida. So if you’re interested in learning more about what makes Keiser so unique or want to take advantage of all the university has to offer, don’t hesitate contacting them today!