Jack In The Box Headquarters – Robert O. Peterson founded Jack in the Box in the year 1951. The company established its headquarters in San Diego, California which is well known to be an “American Fast Food Restaurant” currently operating in 2200 locations in total. In the year 2005,

The company thought of expanding its business ventures nationwide by 2010. Finally, the company was able to executing its plans and opened its centres in various locations throughout Indianapolis.

The popular dishes available here are tacos, egg rolls, poppers, burritos and much more. The customers are even provided with seasonal items from time to time which includes Oreo mint shakes, pumpkin pie shakes, eggnog shakes and more.

Jack In The Box Headquarters Information

Jack in the Box Headquarters Info

There is an email address and a corporate phone number available for Jack in the Box HQ in their contact information. You can also contact the guest relations department by calling them over phone.

Jack in the Box Address: You can send your letter to Jack in the Box Corporate office based in San Diego, California. You can also contact any member of the executive team personally by mentioning their name in the body of your mail. The provided address for the HQ is

Jack in the Box Headquarters 9330 Balboa Ave. San Diego, CA 92123

Jack in the Box Corporate Office Phone Number: The Jack in the Box HQ phone number is 1-858-571-2121. You can also contact the guest relations department at 1-858-522-4716. The available time slots for calling are 5 a.m. and 9 p.m. Monday to Wednesday, 5 a.m. to 12 a.m. Thursday and Friday, 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. Saturday or 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday.

Jack in the Box Headquarters Email Address: There is only a contact form available in the official website of the company. This contact form is also a listed feedback form but you can also address an issue you face with the company using the subjects from the drop-down menu.

Jack in the Box Corporate Office Website: The corporate website for the company provides info on various contacts, info about the company and the people who run the business effectively. The product website is a retail website offering explanation about the various products which are available at the local store.

Jack in the Box Headquarters Executive Team

There is a team of management and a board of directors who ensure that the company runs smoothly without any hassle. You cannot contact any team member personally but you can always call the corporate HQ by phone or even mail them, according to your convenience.

Management Team

Leonard Comma – Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
Lance Tucker – Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Sarah Super – Senior Vice President, Chief Legal and Risk Officer
Adrienne Ingoldt – Senior Vice President, Chief Brand and Experience Officer
Jennifer Kennedy – Senior Vice President, Chief Product and Innovation Officer
Melissa Corrigan, Ph.D. – Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resource Officer
Dean Gordon – Senior Vice President, Chief Supply Chain Officer
Drew Martin – Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer
Marcus Tom – Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Board of Directors

Jean M. Birch
Leonard A. Comma
John P. Gainor
David L. Goebel
Sharon P. John
Madeleine Kleiner
Michael W. Murphy
James M. Myers
David M. Tehle
Vivien M. Yeung


Jack in the Box is a restaurant chain which was established in the year 1951. The founder of the company is Robert O. Peterson who was able to grow the business expanding to Arizona and Texas within the first 15 years of business.

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Jack In The Box Headquarters Address

Jack In The Box Corporate Office Information


Q.1 How can I contact someone at Jack in the Box?

Ans: You can give a call or visit the nearby Jack in the Box outlet and ask for the person in charge. You can also submit a feedback form at our official website.

Q.2 What are the operating hours of Jack in the Box?

Ans: The usual opening time for Jack in the box is 10 am and remains open till midnight.