Halliburton Company Headquarters

Welcome to a deep dive into the world of Halliburton Company’s headquarters, the epicenter of one of the largest oilfield services companies globally. In this extensive guide, we’ll uncover the details about the location, history, significance, facilities, sustainability initiatives, and more regarding Halliburton Company’s headquarters. Whether you’re an industry professional, a potential investor, or simply curious about the inner workings of a major player in the energy sector, this article is your gateway to valuable insights.

Halliburton Company Headquarters

Halliburton Company is a name synonymous with innovation, excellence, and global reach in the field of oilfield services. Established in 1919, it has played a pivotal role in shaping the energy industry by providing cutting-edge solutions to complex challenges. With a mission to deliver integrated energy services to customers worldwide, Halliburton has earned its reputation as a trusted partner in the energy sector.

Location of Halliburton Company Headquarters

The heartbeat of any global corporation lies within its headquarters, and for Halliburton Company, it’s no different. The company’s headquarters are strategically located in Houston, Texas:

Address: 3000 North Sam Houston Parkway East, Houston, Texas 77032, United States

This location offers more than just a physical address; it places Halliburton at the heart of the energy industry, providing easy access to key business hubs, clients, and resources. Houston’s vibrant energy ecosystem aligns perfectly with Halliburton’s mission and vision.

History and Background

The journey of Halliburton Company from its inception to its current status as a global industry leader is a testament to its commitment to innovation and excellence. Founded by Erle P. Halliburton, the company began as a one-man operation offering cementing services to the burgeoning oil industry.

Over the decades, Halliburton expanded its services, embraced technology, and forged strategic partnerships. This growth trajectory culminated in the company’s present position as a leading provider of services critical to the energy sector.

Significance of the Headquarters

The headquarters of Halliburton Company serves as the nerve center of its global operations. It’s not just an administrative hub but a place where critical decisions are made, strategies are formulated, and innovative solutions are born. The headquarters embodies the company’s vision and values, driving its mission to deliver excellence in energy services worldwide. Beyond its administrative role, the headquarters also fosters collaboration among Halliburton’s diverse teams, ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of the energy industry.

Facilities and Amenities

Stepping into Halliburton Company’s headquarters reveals a modern and dynamic workspace designed to inspire creativity and innovation. The facility offers cutting-edge amenities that reflect the company’s commitment to excellence in every aspect of its business.

From state-of-the-art research and development labs to collaborative workspaces that encourage innovation, every aspect of the headquarters is designed to support the company’s mission. Employees benefit from a comfortable and inspiring work environment that promotes teamwork and productivity.

Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability is a core principle at Halliburton Company, and this commitment extends to its headquarters. From this central location, the company spearheads innovative sustainability initiatives that set industry standards.

One of Halliburton’s significant achievements is its commitment to environmental responsibility. The company continuously explores ways to reduce its environmental footprint, such as incorporating eco-friendly technologies and practices into its operations. Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a guiding principle that drives decision-making and innovation at the company.


In conclusion, Halliburton Company’s headquarters is not just a physical location; it’s the epicenter of a global energy industry leader. As Halliburton continues to provide integrated energy services to customers worldwide, its headquarters in Houston, Texas, remains the core of its innovative efforts. Whether you’re interested in the energy sector, sustainability initiatives, or simply curious about the inner workings of a major industry player, there’s much more to discover. Stay tuned for further insights into the world of Halliburton Company.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I visit Halliburton Company Headquarters?

Visiting Halliburton Company Headquarters is possible, although it primarily functions as a corporate facility. Halliburton occasionally opens its doors to the public by hosting events and meetings. To stay informed about these opportunities, it is advisable to check their official website regularly. Halliburton values transparency and engagement with its stakeholders, which can provide interested individuals with insights into their innovative projects and industry contributions. Exploring these avenues can offer a valuable glimpse into the company’s commitment to excellence.

How can I contact Halliburton Company Headquarters?

Getting in touch with Halliburton Company Headquarters is straightforward. You can reach them via their official contact information: 3000 North Sam Houston Parkway East, Houston, Texas 77032, United States. For inquiries or communication with the headquarters, their main office number is readily available. Halliburton welcomes interactions from clients, partners, and individuals seeking information, maintaining open lines of communication to ensure efficient support.

What is the significance of Houston, Texas, as the headquarters location?

The selection of Houston, Texas, as the location for Halliburton Company Headquarters holds immense strategic significance. Houston is a focal point within the energy industry ecosystem, perfectly aligning with Halliburton’s mission and vision. The city provides unparalleled access to crucial business centers, a diverse range of clients, and vital resources essential to the company’s operations. Houston’s dynamic energy sector and its reputation as a global energy hub offer an environment conducive to innovation and growth, reflecting Halliburton’s commitment to leading in the field of energy services and technology. This strategic location enables the company to stay at the forefront of industry advancements and deliver excellence to its clients worldwide.