Buffalo Wild Wings Headquarters – The headquarters of Buffalo Wild Wings is located in Ohio, United States. This is a popular American sports bar franchise and casual dining restaurant well known for their Buffalo wings and sauces.

Their various branch offices are located in United States, Mexico, Panama, United Arab Emirates and the Philippines.

Buffalo Wings operate through 1237 locations across 50 states in the United States as well as DC. The founders of this restaurant chain are Jim Disbrow, Scott Lowery, Bernard Spencer and Elizabeth Brock. At this popular restaurant chain, one can find a variety of sandwiches and burgers at an affordable rate.

Buffalo Wild Wings Headquarters Information

Buffalo Wild Wings Headquarters Information

The Buffalo Wild Wings Headquarters are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They offer only limited corporate information on their website but you can easily find about their current offers, promos and view on their website.

Looking to contact Buffalo Wild Wings? Here are some quick and easy ways to get in touch with their corporate headquarters.

Buffalo Wild Wings Corporate Address: Buffalo Wild Wings Headquarters 5500 Wayzata Blvd. Ste. 1600 Minneapolis, MN 55416

Buffalo Wild Wings Phone Number: You can give a call to Buffalo Wild Wings customer service to reach any customer executive from the corporate team.

Call 1-877-299-8366. You can also give a call at the Buffalo Wild Wings Corporate Office at 1-952-593-9943.

Buffalo Wild Wings Email: We have been able to find out two email addresses for contacting the company. One is for the Buffalo Wild Wings Communications team and the other is to contact Claire Kudlata who is the coordinator, and in charge with brand communications.

You can also contact their customer service side of the website from the email address provided below.

Buffalo Wild Wings Communications team: PublicRelations@buffalowildwings.com

Claire Kudlata, coordinator and in charge with brand communications: BWWPublicRelations@InspireBrands.co

Buffalo Wild Wings Headquarters Team

A list of the team of executives has been provided below for the company.

Headquarter Executive Team

  • Sally Smith – Chief Executive Officer
  • Mary Twinem – Executive Vice President
  • James Schmidt – Chief Operating Officer
  • Kathleen Benning – Executive Vice President
  • Judith Shoulak – Executive Vice President
  • Lee Patterson – Senior Vice President
  • Emily Decker – Vice President
  • Andrew Block – Senior Vice President
  • Board of Directors
  • James Damian
  • Sally Smith
  • Dale Applequist
  • Michael Johnson
  • Warren Mack
  • Oliver Maggard
  • Jerry Rose

Buffalo Wild Wings Headquarters


Buffalo Wild Wings is a sports bar and grill with locations all over the US. The company is able to achieve a fun atmosphere with a strong emphasis on various sporting events and celebrations alike. Wings Specials are available almost daily and various special events which includes charity fundraising, are a part of the company’s connection with the community.

This company is owned by Inspire Brand.


Q.1 How do I contact the company if I have a question or complaint about their services?

Ans: You can email the company at PublicRelations@buffalowildwings.com if you have any query or complaint to be made.

Q.2 What are the working hours for Buffalo Wild Wings?

Ans: Usually, the restaurants stay open from 11 A.M in the morning to 11:30 PM at night.