Bank Of America Headquarters – Bank Of America is a popular financial institution situated in the United States. The bank works with customers on various issues such as personal, business and corporate banking. They even help customers with commercial loans, personal loans, mortgage loans and more.

Information on the Bank of America HQ is available on the investor relations side of the website. The physical address for the company is available on the website. However, there wasn’t any phone number or corporate email address available.

Bank Of America Headquarters Information

Bank of America Headquarters Info

Bank of America HQ address: The Bank of America headquarters is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Most of the company executives are posted in this office itself.

Bank of America Headquarters 100 N. Tryon St. Charlotte, NC 28255

Bank of America HQ phone number: If you want to reach out to the customer service department of the company then call 1-800-432-1000. There is no corporate office phone number available on their official website.

However, from outside sources we were able to obtain the number for Bank of America corporate office. Call 1-704-386-5681 to get in touch with the <strong>Bank of America headquarters. If you want information on general shareholder then you can connect with the Corporate Secretary for the company at 1-800-521-3984. For calls from outside of Canada or the Unites States, call 1-781-575-2621.

Bank of America email address: There is a dedicated contact form for the customers but no corporate email address is available. However, you can ask your email to be forwarded to the corporate office.

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Bank of America website: In the investor relations side of the website, you can learn more about Bank of America HQ. Most of the companies offers headquarters information, company governance and more to investors however Bank of America only provides corporate and headquarters information for the consumer on this page.

The History of Bank of America

Bank of America is one of the largest banks in the United States. It has its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. The bank was founded in 1904 by Amadeo Giannini.

The bank has been through a lot of changes over the years, including a name change from Bank of America to NationsBank in 1998. In 2004, the bank once again changed its name back to Bank of America.

The bank has been through a lot of changes over the years, but it remains one of the biggest and most important banks in the country. If you’re interested in learning more about the history of this major financial institution, be sure to check out our blog section.

Bank of America Headquarters Executive Team

There is a team of leadership and Board of Directors who are currently leading the Bank of America HQ.


Brian Moynihan – Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer
Dean Athanasia – President of Consumer and Small Business
Catherine P. Bessant – Chief Operations and Technology Officer
Sheri B. Bronstein – Chief Human Resources Officer
Paul M. Donofrio – Chief Financial Officer
Anne M. Finucane – Vice Chairman
Geoffrey S. Greener – Chief Risk Officer
Christine P. Katziff – Chief Audit Executive
Katy Knox – President of Bank of America Private Bank
David G. Leitch – Global General Counsel
Thomas K. Montag – Chief Operating Officer, President, Global Banking and Markets
Thong M. Nguyen – Vice Chairman
Andy Sieg – President, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
Andrea B. Smith – Chief Administrative Officer
Bruce R. Thompson – Vice Chairman President, EU and Switzerland Chief Executive Officer, BAMLI DAC

Board of Directors

Brian Moynihan
Sharon L. Allen
Susan S. Bies
Jack O. Bovender, Jr.
Frank P. Bramble, Sr.
Pierre J. P. de Weck
Arnold W. Donald
Linda P. Hudson
Monica C. Lozano
Thomas J. May
Lionel L. Nowell, III
Denise L. Ramos
Clayton S. Rose
Michael D. White
Thomas D. Woods
R. David Yost
Maria T. Zuber


There are no brands associated with this financial institution. Bank of America is one of the first companies which provided savings as a part of “Keep the Change” program.

This program allows its consumers to automatically increase their debit card purchases to the nearest dollar and places the extra change in their savings account likewise.


Q.1 What is the contact number for Bank of America HQ?

Ans: Call 1-704-386-5681 to contact Bank of America headquarters.

Q.2 Who is the current CEO of the company?

Ans: Brian Moynihan is the current Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the company.